TimeShift Demo

TimeShift Demo

TimeShift is a first person shooter that allows you to bend the rules of time
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TimeShift is a first person shooter that allows you to bend the rules of time. This game is yet another first person shooter and, throughout most of the game, it fails to bring anything new to the world of FPSs. The graphics are nice-looking; the world is depicted with careful regard to realism. The main story of this game is that you are a soldier who wears a special suit that enables you to travel through time and use it as you wish. For example, in the demo, which is the first mission of the complete game, you are faced with several enemies and are given tips on how to take them down. You can use your time power (it has a meter and it eventually runs out to later fill up again) to freeze everything, to go back in time, to go forward in time, to repeat scenes and more. So, during the first mission, I managed to kill 5 enemies by freezing time with bullets in mid-air, evade those bullets and shoot them all from behind. Ha! Nice touch. You can also slow down time, which slows everyone's perception of time, but yours, so you can act faster than the enemy. Although the game story and the playability aren't the greatest you might have seen on a FPS, the ability to play with time is a nice addition that will keep you entertained for a while.

José Fernández
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  • You can play with the rules of time
  • Nice graphics


  • Not too different from other FPS
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